Senior Living: Complete Care and Your Home


Senior Living: Complete Care and Your Home

Dec 25, 2017

Phoenix is a growing hub for retirees and senior citizens. The endless sunshine and beautiful landscape has attracted people from all over the country who seek an affordable place to live. For many senior citizens and their families, the cost of assisted care and the benefits that come with it are a huge priority. So, how do you choose the best place to live when you retire? Well, that depends on what your needs are.

In our last article, we talked about the different independent living communities located here in the Phoenix metro area. In this article, we’ll discuss complete care options for you and your loved ones.

Making the Right Connection

Compassionate Assistance
Credit: Compassionate Assistance

Choosing Complete Care (Assisted Living) is a very important decision to make. There are several things to consider: size of the location, availability of staff, amenities, and care packages, just to name a few. But the first thing you must agree on is whether you want to have In-Home Services or Community Living. There are benefits to both, depending on your individual situation and what you want your goals to be for retirement.

In-Home Services

With today’s technology, complete care services can be brought right to your door. Companies like Compassionate Assistance, Homestead Senior Care, and others offer day and night services to assist with medical and living needs. These services are great because they provide the best services performed by professionals. This option is great if you value your freedom, but want a little help with a few things.

Community Living

When the time comes for you to retire, you may want to transition into a Complete Care facility. These communities provide round the clock care for you. They take care of everything from meals to individual needs. Plus, if you choose to live in a Complete Care facility, you’ll have neighbors and friends within reach. This option is great if you don’t want to hassle with home maintenance.

What To Do With Your Home

Planning your senior care needs comes down to how you’d like to be taken care of when the time comes. But what should you do with your home? There are two options you have:

In-Home Services and Your Home

If you plan on living in your home while you receive care, your first plan of action should be paying off your mortgage before you retire. Having a home that’s paid off gives you the freedom to save a large monthly payment to pay for upgrades that will make your life more comfortable in the future.

Aventa Senior Care
Credit: Aventa Senior Care

Your second plan of action is factoring the ongoing costs of your home in with your overall senior care budget. Even if you don’t have a mortgage, your home may incur costs over time. To make the most out of your funds, create a budget for you and your home that will allow you to keep your standard of living throughout your retirement.

Community Living and Your Home

If you decide to move into an assisted living home (Madison Meadows or Aventa Senior Care) in the future, the home you live in now may be a valuable asset. You can do a couple things with your home: sell it, pass it down as an inheritance, or use it for passive income. If you chose to sell, make sure you get a great price for your home. If you intend to give your home to your heirs, check into estate planning resources to see what steps you need to take. And if passive income is what you need, check out information on how to leverage your home for money.

The Choice Is Yours

Your plan for retirement should fit your goals. And your home can help you make that happen. Let’s talk about how you can get the most out of your real estate!

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