Gilbert Real Estate Market Update: March 2019

Cromford Index for Gilbert as of April 11, 2019

Gilbert Real Estate Market Update: March 2019

Apr 16, 2019

Gilbert is one of the most sought after, desirable places to live in the Southwest. The current Real Estate market reflects some good news for both buyers and sellers. Here are some key numbers from Cromford Associates, LLC:

The number of active listings rose with 896, up from 867 in February.

That is a 3.3% increase in listings for the month, with an annual change of +19.6%.

We were at 66 days inventory based on annual sales (67 based on monthly).

We had 364 sales last month (versus 312 in the previous period).

The average sales price is $333,814, slightly over last year’s number of $360,729.

The median sales price for the month was $325,000.

As I’ve always said, you’re looking to buy your home, a place to live for a long time. Stop looking at it as a short-term investment.

Mortgage rates are likely as low as they’re going to be for a while. Houses in Gilbert are still very affordable, especially for the great lifestyle you get here. While these numbers indicate a Seller’s market, it’s still a great time to move your family to Gilbert.

That said, if you’re looking to sell your Gilbert home, hire somebody who knows the area and can really sell Gilbert to your buyers as the great place to live that it is.

Call me today, and let’s talk! And maybe get a coffee. (602) 689-1805

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