Are All Home Improvements Worth It?

Are All Home Improvements Worth It?

Mar 04, 2017

If you’re a homeowner, I’m sure the idea of doing improvements has crossed your mind. Who wouldn’t mind new flooring or an addition? But before you start tearing things apart, you have to consider what these improvements are going to cost you. In this article, we’re going to look at a few common home improvements you may be considering and whether or not they’ll help you in the long run.


Are you a carpet person or do you prefer hardwood floors? Most homeowners and renters would rather have hardwood floors throughout their homes. Why? It’s simple: maintenance. Over time, carpet begins to wear and tear. And depending on what color and style you pick, your carpet can become outdated.

Be careful with hardwood floors. Don’t put hardwood flooring down in impractical places (children’s bedrooms, for example). Also, consider the coloring of the floor itself. Stay away from bold choices that you may regret later.

wood flooring


home appliances

One of the easiest improvements you can make in your home is upgrading your appliances. Most homeowners usually start with converting to stainless steel. The look and feel of this material gives a sleek, timeless impression. And, when it comes time to sell your home, a high percentage of homebuyers are willing to pay extra for this upgrade.

But don’t be fooled. Stainless steel may look extra durable, but it’s not. Just like any other material, it won’t last forever.

Kitchen Upgrades

Kitchen upgrades are becoming more and more popular. Two common changes homeowners make are granite countertops and installing a kitchen island. Granite countertops not only look elegant, they are durable. This type of upgrade improves your home for the long run and can help you net extra money when it comes time to sell.

Installing a kitchen island will not only add more value to your home, it’s great for organizing your kitchen and providing extra counter space.

updated kitchen

Bathroom Upgrades

modern bathroom

Who wouldn’t want a larger bathroom? Bathroom upgrades are very common. Adding a new sink, more attractive faucets, and a deeper tub can help you get more when you sell your home. But don’t wait until it’s time to move to make these upgrades. As your bathroom sees wear and tear over the years, make quick and simple upgrades.

So, what improvements should you do?

As you can see, some improvements are good to do right now (bathroom upgrades) and others are worth a second thought. Before you make any repairs, think about what your ideal timing would be. Does it make more sense for you to work on flooring before thinking about kitchen add-ons? Also, consider your budget. Start with cheaper projects first.

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