New Yorkers, I did it…So Can You!

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New Yorkers, I did it…So Can You!

Jul 17, 2017

Hey there, New Yorker! It’s July, which means the year is halfway done. Can you believe it? I can! I’ve been so busy this year. In May, I passed my real estate broker exam, and have been thinking about ways to help as many people as I can find the perfect home. That’s when you came to mind…

Listen, I totally understand why you’ve fallen in love with New York. I lived there for 50 years before I made the decision to leave and head out West.

Before I left, let me remind you, I was a true New Yorker through and through. I had lived in various parts of the city and built my entire identity in New York. My life in New York was great…but I wanted to see if there was any other way to live….and be happy!

Arizona has a growing population of people and jobs. ASU (Arizona State University) and U of A (University of Arizona) are ranked as top schools in the nation. And then there was the weather: sunshine and beautiful sunsets every day! Not to mention the fact that with California is right next door, I could still get to the beach! So it was a no-brainer…move to Arizona and see what I could find.

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I Didn’t Know A Soul

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Making the decision to move was easy, it was the actual move that was hard. I didn’t know a single person. After looking over my various job options, I picked up a career in real estate, which is highly dependent on having a large network of people.

You might be wondering, was I afraid? No, not really. Even though I had left home, my New York attitude and need to succeed kept me going.

As a new agent, I placed all my focus on taking care of other people and giving them outstanding service. This led to me getting business and making connections with a variety of different people I would have never met if I had stayed in New York. Today, my network had grown exponentially. I’ve made more money and had more success than I could have imagined.

There Are So Many Opportunities For You, Too

I recently read an article that stated more and more jobs are coming to Phoenix from places like New Jersey, Chicago, and you guessed it, New York. Why are people moving? It’s just so expensive! What’s the point in making a good living if you have to spend all of it on staying afloat? Arizona has a lot to offer and the prices are reasonable. You can literally buy a house and raise your family here on a lot less than you would need to in “the big city.”

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Once we speak I would be happy to send you a one year subscription to Phoenix Life. See for yourself all the eateries, music, cultural events (YES WE HAVE CULTURE HERE), beautiful homes and just how life flows out here in the Valley of the Sun.

Don’t spend another minute thinking about it…give me a call and let me know what questions you have.

Felecia’s Raving Fans

Felecia Rozansky is the best! In a competitive real estate market like Gilbert, AZ, I was glad that Felecia was our realtor. She’s extremely knowledgeable and gave great advice on what to look for, and what to avoid. When we put an offer in on what is now our house, we were up against multiple offers, including a cash offer. Felecia gave us all the right advice, and we were so glad that the owners went with us. We couldn’t be more happy in our new home!”

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