Hey, New Yorkers! Why Haven’t You Moved Yet?!

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Hey, New Yorkers! Why Haven’t You Moved Yet?!

Apr 12, 2017

Dear, New Yorkers!

My name is Felecia Rozansky, and I’m a New Yorker living in Phoenix. I’ve been here for over four years now, and I’ve got one thing to say….it’s time to move! I’ve had good successes out here in Arizona as a real estate agent, so I know a thing or two about what it takes to make it here. If you’re looking for an easier way to live and still have a good time….it’s Phoenix.

Who exactly am I?

Felecia Rozansky

I was born in The Bronx in the 1960’s and stayed there until the mid 70’s. Then I moved to Spring Valley in Rockland County and graduated from Ramapo High School in 1980. After graduating from SUNY Albany , I lived in Kew Gardens, then Manhattan my husband and I decided to start our family and move Long Island from 1993 to 2013. , I’ve been up and down several New York blocks. Until I moved in 2013.

I remember New York: The traffic, the weather, and the cost of living. From what I hear from my friends still there, nothing has changed….except maybe it’s a little bit harder to keep making it.

Why would I want to move to the desert?

Phoenix is a bustling city with over 3 million people. We’ve got sunshine more than 300 days a year, and we’re about 6 hours from the beach. If you stay in the state, we’ve got a million things to do: dining out, shopping, shows, festivals, outdoor adventures, not to mention the nicest weather!

Coming out West was an adventure for me, and my family….and the best bet I ever made!

I bought a reasonably priced house with a nice view and made all sorts of friends. I’ve exceeded all my goals, both personally and professionally, and have had the pleasure of bringing other friends from the east coast out West. They love it here, and so will you.

So, when can I expect to hear from you?

I’ve been out of New York for four years, and the one thing I miss most is hearing a good New York accent. Don’t get me wrong, Arizona people have their own way with words. But there’s nothing like hearing the sound of the voices you grew up with your entire life.

I want to hear from you! I want to share my latest Arizona adventures and hear about what your dreams are. Shoot me an email or text, or just pick up the phone.


Image Credit: miguelvieira via Flickr

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