Mmm, I left New York and Found the Best Food In Phoenix!

Mmm, I left New York and Found the Best Food In Phoenix!

Jun 15, 2017

Hey there, New Yorker! Are you ready for the summer? I am! It’s warming up over here in Phoenix, but I’m not complaining! The water’s refreshing, and there’s nothing like sitting on the porch with a cool drink, watching yet another dazzling sunset.


You should be!

While you’re surrounded by towering buildings, I’m enjoying my freedom: light summer traffic (the college kids have left town), beautiful scenery (I already mentioned the sunsets), and my fill of the most amazing foods! That’s right; Phoenix has some to-die-for dining options.

In my letter to you this month, I’d like to educate you on what we’re snacking out here in the West. We’ll cover some American classics, savory Asian cuisines, authentic Mexican food (of course), and Italian! So sit back, grab a drink, and let your stomach decide which restaurant you’ll absolutely have to try once you move here!

American Foods

Butterfield's Pancake House & Restaurant

I’m gonna kick off this list with the most important meal of the day…breakfast! Butterfields in Scottsdale serves breakfast up right! Each item on their menu will melt in your mouth! And the orange juice is fresh squeezed! You can’t beat that!

Visit Butterfield’s Pancake House & Restaurant

If you’re looking for lunch in the valley, look no further than Little Miss BBQ! This eatery is a must for anyone who is looking for the best BBQ in the world. Rumor has that people will stand in line for hours, hoping to get a taste of the sweet and tangy classics being served here. But you have to hurry! The restaurant is open till 4, that is if they don’t sell out (which happens often)!

Visit Little Miss BBQ

Now, it’s time to get serious. Let’s talk about steak. Arizona is cow country…and it shows. If you’re dying for a perfectly seasoned steak, you have to go to Steak 44. That’s right, it’s literally called Steak 44, but don’t judge a restaurant by its name. This five-star restaurant caters to hungry patrons who know a good steak when they taste one. When you eat here, you’ll not only fall in love with your protein choices…you’ll be blown away by an array of excellent side dishes.

Visit Steak 44

Asian Foods

The first restaurant on our list of amazing Asian cuisines is not strictly Asian. Sumo Maya is a fusion restaurant that has brought together two beautiful and flavorful culinary styles: Asian and Mexican. At Sumo Mayo, you’ll dine on sushi rolls (made by some of the best in the business) and ceviche (a South American twist on raw fish). No matter what you choose, you won’t be disappointed.

Visit Sumo Maya

Sumo Maya

Sprinkled throughout the Phoenix valley you’ll find a city favorite: Thai Basil. This Thai food restaurant has a menu full of unique spices and herbs that bring every single dish to life. You can try authentic noodle and rice entrees or a curry that will make you smile with delight!

Visit Thai Basil ASU

Mexican Foods

Barrio Café

Picking a favorite Mexican restaurant would be the same as asking me to pick a favorite star in the sky. Phoenix offers the best Mexican food I’ve ever tasted! When you move here, stop by one of these four local favorites for a refreshing margarita and a taste of Mexican paradise!

Visit Barrio Café, Taco Guild, and Sierra Bonita Grill.

Italian Foods

Now, I know what you’re thinking, “There’s no way Phoenix can serve up a decent pizza!” Trust me, they can! Let me tell you about two places you gotta check out: Sal’s (my favorite) and Pizzeria Bianco. Sal’s has taken a Boston twist when offering up slices of hot baked bread, melted cheeses, and your favorite toppings.

Every pizza that comes out of the oven here is kneaded and proofed perfectly so when it hits your table, you’ll taste every spice and string of cheese spread out across a savory crust.

Sal's Pizza

Oh, and Sal’s isn’t about portion control, either. They’re famous for the 19” 3 lb. pizza! This is the perfect place to start a beautiful friendship with your new Arizona friends!

Visit Sal’s Pizza AZ

True New Yorkers can’t get enough pizza, so I’ve added a second place to my Italian list: Pizzeria Bianco. This award-winning pizzeria offers up a pie that’s been perfected over the years by owner Chris Bianco. While you enjoy a slice fresh out of the brick oven, learn more about how Bianco took a small eatery located in the back of a grocery store and turned it into what Rachael Ray declared, “the winner of her Pizza Madness Bracket!”.

Visit Pizzeria Bianco

Amazing Food Is Waiting for You!

I hope this article left you nice and hungry! Phoenix is a food hub…whatever you’re in the mood for, we’ve got it. So, stop being stubborn and call me! We need to talk about getting you out here so we can dine on this food together!

Until next time!

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