Veteran’s Guide to Buying a Home in Gilbert

Veteran’s Guide to Buying a Home in Gilbert

Jul 18, 2019

Gilbert loves its Veterans. If you’re a Vet and looking to buy in the East Valley, check out Gilbert. You’ll need to get your VA Loan pre-approved and ready to go. Then we can take a tour around Town and find the best neighborhood and the best home for you and your family.

Three Steps to Using Your VA Loan in Gilbert

If you’re not sure where to get started — first, dig up that DD214 — here is a simple three-step process to getting a VA Loan and buying your home:

Heroes’ Home Advantage

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  1. First, let’s hook you up with a good lender who specializes in VA Loans. You have options and need to know the best way to proceed. My contacts are experts in the VA Loan Process.
  2. Second, get your loan squared away. Get that pre-approval, which means tightening up your credit and your financial situation and pulling all of your paperwork together (sound familiar?). A VA loan is great for you, but you’ll need a Realtor who understands the conditions that come along with that type of transaction.
  3. Third, find your home. Work with a military-friendly Realtor with experience in VA transactions, and find your dream home here in Gilbert.

Each step is important, but I can’t stress enough just how important it is to have the right Real Estate Agent. Making the right offer and negotiating the deal on a VA loan takes an understanding of what’s involved. The keys are:

  • Make the right offer: VA loans have parameters on the property value and condition. You’ll want to look at homes that meet those conditions and make the right offer in a way that satisfies the VA.
  • Agree on closing costs: You will likely save money here, as the VA does not allow you to pay closing costs. But, again, you need a savvy Realtor who knows how to package that up for the seller in a way that doesn’t scare them off.
veteran meeting with coffee
  • Get it closed: Any real estate deal will depend on appraisals, inspections, etc. In a VA deal, it’s important to know what the VA lenders will need, and know that ahead of time to avoid any surprises. Button all that up properly, and closing on your dream home will go much more smoothly.

The Town of Gilbert Loves its Veterans

The Town of Gilbert has several programs and events for vets. You’ll feel right at home here. Check these out:

Felecia’s Raving Fans

Pick up the phone, call me (it’s just a call). Maybe we’ll work together, maybe we won’t, but you will have started where so many others got their start. You can reach me at (602) 689-1805.

  • The Southeast Veterans Affairs Health Care Clinic is a new VA clinic right here in Gilbert. It serves the whole East Valley, but we have it right here in our backyard.
  • The Annual Memorial Day Ceremony at the Museum (HD South). This is always a respectful event filled with dignitaries. Veterans are encouraged to attend and be recognized.
  • Gilbert’s Military Heritage: Visit the Museum (HD South) to learn about Gilbert’s military heritage, including regular genealogy research workshops and their Military Exhibit.
  • The Veterans Day 2019 3-Miler Run: Money raised supports veterans in need and their families.

Thank You For Your Service

Gilbert is a great place for Veterans and their families. Let’s get your VA Loan pre-approval going, and start finding that perfect home for your and your family. With my experience in working with veterans like you, we’ll get you the right home and the right deal.

Let’s start with a coffee! Call me at (602) 689-1805, so that we can get to know each other and what you’re family really needs in their new home.

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