Phoenix…Shining in the Tech Sector

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Phoenix…Shining in the Tech Sector

Sep 06, 2017

When most people think of tech supergiants, they’re probably imagining cool workstations with innovative gadgets covering modern furniture. Millennials flock from all around the country with the hope of becoming a part of something futurist and lucrative. But, contrary to popular belief, thought leaders in the tech world are not heading to San Francisco and Silicon Valley. Instead, they are headed to Phoenix to set up or join up-and-coming tech companies.

Here’s why:

ASU: #1 in Innovation

ASU number one
Credit: Arizona State University

Last month, in a blog I wrote as an open letter to New Yorkers, I shared a fascinating fact…ASU is #1 in innovation, beating out MIT! And the cost of tuition and fees is a fraction of what you’ll find at any Ivy League school. These students are changing the direction technology is headed and companies are taking notice. As students graduate, growing and expanding companies are looking to employ as many alumni as they can.

Cost of Living

Phoenix is considered a major metropolis, but the cost of living is lower than other parts of the country. In New York City, a modest 900 square foot apartment can cost up to $2,800 a month in rent. Here in Phoenix, that same size apartment, right down the street from ASU, is around $950 a month. With the prospect of a new job on the horizon, post graduates are more likely to save money in the long run and buy a home here than someone living in L.A. or New York. Just imagine it: what someone in New York is paying for rent, you could be paying for a spacious home with a gorgeous yard and pool out back.

Scottsdale Waterfront

City Life

City Life

As mentioned before, the cost of living in Phoenix is significantly lower than you’ll find in New York, San Francisco, and L.A. but you won’t have to sacrifice a vibrant life to save some money. Phoenix has various social events happening daily. With a rich cultural background, you’ll have your choice of unique dining experiences and entertainment.

Check out to get a complete list of fun and exciting events happening throughout the entire metro area.

A Strong Entrepreneurial Community

Phoenix has long inspired start-up companies and new business owners. The entrepreneurial community houses over 250 tech companies that call downtown Phoenix their home. And more are on the way. Phoenix makes a great hotspot for new tech companies because of the growing need for small business owners and inventors to stay connected and ahead of the game. App creators and software developers are keeping business owners from all types of industries up-to-date with their customer needs. This allows new tech companies to start here and flourish with an endless supply of potential customers.

puzzle money
Credit: Arizona State University

The Perfect Test Market

Credit: Arizona State University

Phoenix has always been seen as a melting pot of sorts. Students come from all over the world to attend ASU, while a steadily growing population is shaping the diversity and culture of the entire city. Tech companies are able to use this variety of consumers with different thoughts and opinions to properly test their gadgets and apps before entering larger markets throughout the country and world.

Don’t Just Take My Word For It…

If you’re thinking about moving to a community that is growing and innovative, stop by Phoenix and see what we’ve got to offer. Like I said before, we’ve got a strong community and the cost of living won’t break the bank.

And if you’re already here, consider how a switch into the tech field could help you out tremendously. Being at the start of something big can land you in a career that pays well and sets you up for success in the future.

So, give me a call, and let’s chat about your dreams and figure out exactly how we can get you there.

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