Phoenix is Quickly Growing in Transportation Jobs!


Phoenix is Quickly Growing in Transportation Jobs!

Oct 11, 2017

Phoenix is the 6th largest and busiest city in the United States, and our transportation system is incredibly impressive! We’ve got the light rail, an easy-to-use bus system, and smooth freeways that can take you from corner to corner of the city within a reasonable amount of time. But did you know Phoenix is actually heading up tons of transportation related jobs?

It’s true! Phoenix has a growing population which has led to increases in jobs. And the transportation industry has been benefiting greatly from this migration of people. Below we’ve highlighted a few companies in the transportation world that have their eye on Phoenix.

Swift Transportation

Swift Transportation
Credit: Swift Transportation

Would you believe the largest FTL Trucking Carrier in North America is headquartered here in Phoenix? Swift Transportation was founded in 1966 and has been known for generating billions of dollars in revenue and a strong fleet of trucks crossing the US daily. What does this mean for you? A stable company with tons of job opportunities!

Swift Transportation provides support and extensive training to all their drivers and staff. As a driver, you’ll be able to see our beautiful country up close. Or, if you’d like to stay in our city, the company offers jobs here in the valley with great pay and opportunities that get you closer to homeownership.

SouthWest Airlines

If you’ve been in the Phoenix area for a while, you’ve probably know the story about US Airways making Tempe their headquarters. This made perfect sense because of Sky Harbor, our major international airport. However, US Airways merged with American Airlines in 2015, leaving a major opportunity for other airlines to seek our resources. And one airline did: SouthWest.

Southwest Airlines

In a March announcement, SouthWest Airlines stated the company is going to make a significant investment into Sky Harbor airport. The airline expects to occupy an eight-gate concourse, which is far more than the four-gate concourse the company currently operates. The expansion project is set to be complete and open in 2021.

With this exciting news comes more jobs for both SouthWest and Sky Harbor Airport. The company has been a supporter of the growing Phoenix population for some time; this expansion project is expected to be an overall win for the entire city’s economy. More growth means better jobs which gets you closer to your dream of buying a home!

Knight Transportation

Knight Transportation
Credit: Knight Transportation

Swift Transportation isn’t the only trucking carrier making a name here in Phoenix. Knight Transportation was also founded here in the valley, and has grown from a small fleet of trucks to a major distributor in the US. This publicly traded company is still growing and expanding rapidly, offering positions both on the road and here at home. Also, the company has the option for weekly or daily pay for their drivers. If you’re budgeting for your home purchase, this is a great opportunity to save money quickly.

What Does This Have to Do With Real Estate?

Finding the right job and career goes beyond bringing peace of mind. When it comes to real estate, having a stable source of income is one of the tickets to get you into the home you want. You have several industries and professions to choose from. And with steady growth in the transportation industry, you may have found your new career.

But before you jump into buying a home, you should talk to an expert. Give me a call and let’s put a plan together to get you started!

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