Can a Job in Healthcare Help You Get a House?

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Can a Job in Healthcare Help You Get a House?

Aug 03, 2017

The economy is booming and houses are flying off the market. Unlike during the real estate hype prior to 2008, this surge in home-buying is not a scary trend. Owning a home these days is a fun adventure. It is considered an investment. But in order to start the process, you’ll need a job. Here in Phoenix, we have a large variety of industries to choose from. One industry in particular has caught the attention of many home-buyers.

As more and more people are retiring, and living longer than ever, jobs in the healthcare industry are increasing. Phoenix has seen a boom in jobs as well! Below are some companies you’ll find here in the valley that are growing in the healthcare industry.

The Mayo Clinic

Mayo Clinic Hospital in north Phoenix
Credit: Arizona State University

Ranked as one of the top ten hospitals in the nation, The Mayo Clinic is redefining medicine. The hospital offers a range of specialties to combat disease and illness for sick patients and preventative care for healthy people. Doctors, researchers, and scientists strive to join a team within this organization. And with so much going on in medicine, the hospital offers several jobs including positions for physicians, registered nurses, and patient care specialists. On the preventative side, the hospital offers positions in wellness coaching and nutrition.

If you decide to work for The Mayo Clinic, you will have a career on the cutting edge of medical science. And, of course, you’ll be saving lives.

United Healthcare

Located in the heart of downtown Phoenix, it would be hard to miss the towering United Healthcare building. This insurance company is not only one of the largest healthcare providers in Arizona, it is considered one of the largest in the entire country. Here in Phoenix, you’ll find careers that include positions for physicians, agents, sales reps, dental coordinators, and patient care. As an employer, United Healthcare emphasises the importance of creating a healthy and fulfilling workplace for every employee.

United Healthcare
Credit: The Business Journals

If you decide to start a career here, you will join a company that puts a lot of effort in promoting from within. You’ll work alongside passionate individuals who have set out to make a huge difference in the lives of others.

Sales, Imagery, and Transportation

SimonMed Imaging
Credit: SimonMed Imaging

We’ve covered a major hospital and an insurance company that have helped transform the healthcare industry in Phoenix, however, you don’t have to work in a major company to have a great career. Throughout the metro area, small doctor and dentist offices can be found virtually everywhere. Jobs exist in healthcare and insurance sales, imagery offices like SimonMed, and medical transportation companies like Valley MedTrans. And many of these types of jobs don’t require a lot of schooling!

So, how does this tie to real estate again?

Part of the mortgage process comes down to income. The more income you have, the better your chances are to qualify for a great rate and loan amount. With housing prices like ours, now is the time to strike! If you’ve been thinking about buying a home, consider the career you have. Can you see yourself in your chosen profession for awhile? If not, don’t let that hinder you from becoming a homeowner.

Instead, make shifting to a career that will make you happy one of your priorities. It’s never too late to try something new and fulfilling.

I’d love to hear from you. Where are you in the home-buying process? Do you have questions? Please, call, email, or text me. Let’s chat about getting you into a home!

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