Your Gilbert Summer Survival Guide

Your Gilbert Summer Survival Guide

May 28, 2019

According to the Farmer’s Almanac, Gilbert should have expected a warmer-than-usual May and June. Warmer than usual?! Okay, there’s nothing “warm” about the Arizona summer. It’s downright hot. Strangely that hasn’t been the case in May, but we all know that “Summer is Coming!” — it’s time to start thinking of ways to get free from the heat or just flat out make the best of it. So, what can we do here in Gilbert during the warmer-than-usual temperatures? Read on.

Summer Survival Tips

Don’t take the summers here lightly, even if you’re a native. It can surprise you. Here are some quick tips on making it through the summer without overheating.

  • Stay safe. Understand the danger signs of overheating and heat stroke, including thirst, dizziness, sweating stops, red/hot skin, nausea and vomiting.
  • Drink plenty of water. Bring more than you need, and have emergency water in the car.
  • Protect your skin. Be near shade. Wear sunscreen. Go indoors.
  • Reduce strenuous activities. Take it easy on hikes, jogs, and other outdoor activities. Try to schedule them before or after the sun makes its appearance.
  • Careful with cars, they get hot, especially for kids and pets. DON’T TAKE ANY CHANCES!
  • Don’t be a stupid motorist. That water flowing over the road? Dangerous. Don’t try it.

Felecia’s Raving Fans

Pick up the phone, call me (it’s just a call). Maybe we’ll work together, maybe we won’t, but you will have started where so many others got their start. You can reach me at (602) 689-1805.

Beat the Heat in Gilbert

Now that you’re smart (again) on surviving the heat, there’s plenty for you and the family to do here in Gilbert to get out of the heat or at least make the best of it.

Here are some places in Gilbert to find the shade and get out of the sun:

  • Theaters: We have plenty of movie theaters, as well as the Hale Center Theatre for shows. Summer is a great time to catch up on matinee prices.
  • Libraries: The Gilbert library is adjacent to the Riparian Preserve. Go visit the library. So much going on there in the summer, including summer reading programs for the kids.
  • Top Golf: Need your golf fix? Get it indoors at Top Golf.

  • Water Parks: Splash pads are the way to help your kids during the summer. You’ll wear ‘em out while keeping ‘em cool. Check out the splash pads in the Heritage District’s Water Tower Plaza and Discovery Park (which turns theirs on just for the summer).
  • HD South: The Museum. Go see the museum. It’s so much fun, a great learning experience, and it’s got air conditioning!
  • Ice Skating: Check out AZ Ice Gilbert for some cool skating. It’s even got a bar for the parents.
  • Bowling: Main Event, Fat Cats, Bowlero — lots of choices for bowling in Gilbert.
  • Classes: It doesn’t have to be boring. There are all kinds of great summer classes going on in Gilbert, at studios, Parks & Recreation (Summer Session Guide), at the schools and colleges, and more.
  • Hit the Gilbert Farmers Market in the cool morning. Every Saturday.
  • Get your kids enrolled in a Summer Camp in Gilbert.
  • Swim: Gilbert has four great public pools as well as some private pools at our commercial gyms.
  • Sport Indoors at the Freestone Park Rec Center and the local gyms.

And remember, since the summer here is so brutal, you can often find great discounts on “tourist” type activities. So think “staycation” for your summer. Visit a local resort or hotel, golf, etc. You’ll find great prices in the summer.

Ice Coffee?

Okay, it’ll be too hot for coffee, so how about an Iced coffee? Iced tea? Cold beer? Whatever your preference, let’s get together for a cold beverage and talk Gilbert, talk Real Estate, talk raising a family, you name it.

Call me today at (602) 689-1805.

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