Architecture: A 101 Guide for the Homebuyer


Architecture: A 101 Guide for the Homebuyer

Jun 06, 2017

Summer’s finally here which means you might be in the market for a new home. As you browse through your various selections, you may be overwhelmed by the different architecture styles that exist. What’s the difference between a Cape Cod and a Colonial? Well, you’re about to find out! Here are five attractive, yet unique designs you might find as you’re out looking for the perfect place to call home.

Cape Cod—A Tradition

Named after Cape Cod in Massachusetts, these homes are known for their steep roofs and second-story dormers (windows that sit vertical from a roof that slopes to the front or back of the house). These homes are quite modest and look beautiful during the snowy season. There’s nothing like seeing a fresh blanket of snow on the roof and front lawn while smoke bellows out from the chimney.

Cape Cod

Colonial—Beautifully Symmetrical


Colonial-style homes have been a part of American for over 300 years. They are built with either wood or brick and have a simple and balanced design throughout. Each home is usually two-stories and has an equal number of windows. Within a neighborhood of Colonial homes, you may find that many of houses offer the same timeless design. If you decide to purchase one, you can elevate it’s simple yet beautiful design by accenting its historic look with a few modern upgrades.

Ranch Style—A Spacious Dream

When you think about a ranch-style home, you probably imagine a spacious, one-story dwelling with a big den and acres of land with cows roaming about. Would you believe that it was actually East Coast pioneers who invented the ranch style? It’s true! When ranch-style homes were designed, they were built for city-dwellers who wanted to live “away from it all.” These homes were popular for their open floor plans that consisted of a patio and a garage. Families who live in these homes enjoy neighborhoods that are spread out and plenty of living space for at-home activities and entertaining.


A Cozy Bungalow—another word for Craftsman


We’ve covered three large homes with unique floor plans…now let’s go a tiny bit smaller. Bungalows started popping up in the early 1900’s and were very popular for a lot of reasons. Bungalows, also known as Craftsmans, are constructed from very basic materials: wood, stone and iron. They are typically one-story and offer a quaint feel. Today, anyone who is looking for a cozy, no-hassle home would love to pick up one of these. They make for a great first-time home or rental property.

Spanish-Style—A Southwestern Classic

As people moved West, the climate changed…and so did the design of their houses. Living here in Phoenix, you’ll more than likely see your fair share of these majestic beauties. Spanish-style homes were made popular for their ability to keep the heat out. Made from materials like clay, these houses are built to withstand the blistering heat while offering breath-taking architecture. Through the home are large windows, several entryways, and various patios for outside living and entertaining.


So, which one is your favorite?

There is literally a home style for whatever you’ve imagined your dream home to look like. Tell me which one you’ve got your eye on. I’d love to hear about it!

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