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How To Bid On A House With Multiple Offers

AZ real estate is on fire. If you’re ready to buy a home, how do you bid on a house with multiple offers? Here are a few things to consider.

Why The Phoenix Housing Market Is Still On Fire

Here’s why Arizona and its major cities of Phoenix and Tucson are such great destinations for cost of living and work-life balance.

8 Mistakes To Avoid When Buying A House

When it’s time to buy a home, there are questions you’ll want to ask the seller: What’s the neighborhood like? Are the schools good? Anything need fixing?

The Truth About iBuyer Apps: It’s About Shareholders

Realtors like me care about our clients. We care about our communities. We care about local small businesses. iBuyer apps? They’re all about shareholders.

Smart Questions to Ask the Seller When Buying a Home

When it’s time to buy a home, there are questions you’ll want to ask the seller: What’s the neighborhood like? Are the schools good? Anything need fixing?

Your Bulldog Realtor: There’s Not an App For That

iBuyer apps let you sell your home fast, but they don’t get rid of the stress. It’s just moved to the next phase, and you’re now doing it with less money.

Things to do in the East Valley this October

As Fall moves in and breaks our streak of triple-digit temperatures, commerce and fun start to take off here in the East Valley. See what’s going on.

Things to do in the East Valley this September

There’s something new going up on that corner! Did you check out that new restaurant? Feeling like a show or a festival? We’ve got it all for you.

Mesa Leads the Way in Serving the Autism Community

We’re so proud of the Mesa Chamber and my husband Steve’s business, Friendly Auto Centers, for taking a leadership role in supporting the Autism community.

Hey Gilbert! What’s Going On In Gilbert, August 2019

July was slow, and August heat will keep us indoors. School’s starting and fall events are ramping up — along with a little development news!

Veteran’s Guide to Buying a Home in Gilbert

Gilbert loves its Veterans. If you’re a Vet and looking to buy in the East Valley, check out Gilbert. Get your VA Loan pre-approved then follow these steps.

Hay Gilbert! What’s Going On In Gilbert, July 2019

We’ve got development news, home pricing info, and lots of July events, including stuff to do on Independence Day! Read on – It’s the July: Hay Gilbert!

Moving from New York to Arizona: What To Do When You Get Here

There are some cool things to do here in the Valley for us New Yorkers. So, if you’re moving from New York to Arizona, read on.

Hay Gilbert! What’s Going On In Gilbert, June 2019

Welcome back to our monthly blog on what’s new in Gilbert, the once Hay Capital of the World! So..what’s new? Hay! Good question! Gilbert news and events.

Your Gilbert Summer Survival Guide

Okay, there’s nothing “warm” about the Arizona summer. It’s hot. Strangely that hasn’t been the case in May, but we all know that “Summer is Coming!”

Where to Go Once You’ve Decided to Leave New York

There’s no place like NYC, but if you’ve had your fill… Where are you going to go next? I think you’ll find Arizona at the top of that list.

Hay Gilbert! What’s Going On In Gilbert, May 2019

Since Gilbert is known as the former Hay Capital of the World, I thought it’d be fun to do a monthly (or so) blog on what’s going on in our town.

Is it time to leave NY? Sure Signs You’re Ready to Make the Move

Trust me. I love New York. I’m proud to call myself a New Yorker. I lived there for 50 years. But there came a time for me to leave, and I did it.

Gilbert Real Estate Market Update: March 2019

Gilbert is one of the most desirable places to live in the Southwest. The current Real Estate market reflects some good news for both buyers and sellers.

Family Life in Gilbert AZ

Gilbert has it all. Recognized as the top place to raise a family in Arizona, Gilbert is filled with festivals, markets, parks, and other hidden gems.

Gilbert’s Heritage District: The Town’s Downtown

A place once known only for a train depot has become one of the bright spots in metro Phoenix for foodies. But there’s much more to The Heritage District.

Gilbert Economic Update and 2019 Outlook

Gilbert has lead the state and the country in rebounding from the Great Recession, and its future looks just as bright. Here’s what you can look forward to.

Why You Lose Money When You Don’t Hire a Full-time, Professional Realtor

If you’ve ever bought or sold a home and thought “I can do this on my own!” I’m here to tell you, you’ll end up costing yourself money and headaches.

How High-Tech Jobs Are Changing the Housing Market in Arizona

The influx of high-tech jobs and industry – over 80,000 tech jobs have recently been created – is turning the ‘Old West’ into the ‘Silicon Desert.’

Your House Won’t Sell Itself: Selling in a Highly Competitive Real Estate Market

If you’re looking to sell your home in this competitive Arizona Real Estate market, there are some things you have to know and be prepared for.

Buying in a highly competitive market. What you need to do to get your offer noticed and accepted

The market for real estate buyers in Arizona is very competitive right now. That makes it tougher to get your offer accepted and get the deal going.

The Phoenix Real Estate Market is the Most Competitive it has been in Years. What’s happened? Where are we headed?

The Phoenix real estate market is in a period of tight inventory of homes for sale right now. What is behind these trends? Where are we headed and why?

2018’s Here…So, When Are You Going to Buy A House?

One of the biggest goals out there is owning a home and for good reason. Real estate is one of the only places you have the real potential to see a long-term return.

Senior Living: Complete Care and Your Home

We talked about the different independent living communities located here in the Phoenix metro area. In this article, we’ll discuss complete care options.

Senior Living: Being Independent

More and more people are moving out West to enjoy the opportunities we have to offer here. For this reason, Arizona has become a hotspot for senior living.

New Yorkers! Winter is Coming! Time to Move!

Phoenix is calling your name! Did you know tons of people migrate to Arizona from the East Coast to escape the nasty winter weather?

Phoenix is Quickly Growing in Transportation Jobs!

The Phoenix transportation industry has been adding jobs. As the 6th largest and busiest city in the United States, our transportation system is impressive!

New Yorkers! You’re Paying Too Much!

Last month we talked about tuition, but that’s only one thing Arizona saves you money on. Let’s talk about daily expenses, cost of housing and jobs.

Phoenix…Shining in the Tech Sector

Phoenix, a growing hub for tech jobs. When most people think of tech supergiants, they’re probably imagining cool workstations with innovative gadgets.

New Yorkers, School’s In Session! Arizona Schools Rock, Too!

The East Coast claims to have the best universities. When I lived in New York, I wholeheartedly agreed. Then I moved to the West, and Arizona schools rock!

Can a Job in Healthcare Help You Get a House?

To buy a home you need a job, and Phoenix has seen a boom in healthcare jobs! Below are companies you’ll find that are growing in the healthcare industry.

New Yorkers, I did it…So Can You!

I was a true New Yorker. I had built my entire identity in the Big Apple. But, moving to Phoenix had to be the best decision I made in years. Here’s why.

Did You Know Phoenix is Booming With Financial Jobs?

Financial markets are rebounding! People switching careers are flocking to financial jobs, but they’re not moving to New York. They’re moving to Phoenix.

Mmm, I left New York and Found the Best Food In Phoenix!

While you’re surrounded by towering buildings, I’m enjoying light summer traffic, beautiful scenery and my fill of Phoenix “to-die-for” dining options.

Architecture: A 101 Guide for the Homebuyer

Cape Cod? Colonial? What’s your style? Here are five designs you might find when you’re out looking for the perfect place to call home.

Keep Your Kids Safe at Home!

More kids are being trusted with staying home alone. Here are four areas that your child will need to know to keep them safe and sound at home.

Hey, New Yorkers! Why Haven’t You Moved Yet?!

My name is Felecia Rozansky. I’m a New Yorker living in Phoenix. I’ve been here for over 4 years, and I’ve got one thing to say….it’s time to move here!

Hey, Gen X-ers! What Are You Looking For In A Home?

Gen X home buyers have defined needs for a home. Here are a few statistics about your population and how you factor into the home-buying experience.

Are All Home Improvements Worth It?

Considering home improvements? Who wouldn’t like new flooring or an addition? Before you start tearing things apart, consider both the cost and the return.

Why are Millennials Hesitant to Move Out?

Many are positioning to buy a new home in 2017. But a group of Americans seem happy staying at home. Why would that be? Here are a few things to consider…

When Should You Start Worrying About Home Maintenance?

Every homeowner worries about things breaking. Will it be expensive? Instead of concentrating on that, be proactive. I recommend a home maintenance plan.

Will The New Year Bring Important Changes to Mortgages?

2017 is coming! It’s time to set goals. If buying a house is one of your 2017 goals, this year may bring in changes affecting your home-purchasing dreams.

Why You Need a Realtor When You Buy From a Builder

Buying from a builder? Can’t go wrong with a brand new home? In this blog, I’ll give you a few reasons why you want to be working with an agent.

Three Things You Need to Know About Real Estate, Now!

Real estate is tricky. Is the market’s up or down? Is now the best time to get in? None of this matters. Here are three easy tips you can learn right now!

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